We work to help businesses, business owners, and decision making staff make the right choices that lead
to cost saving and efficient use of staff time,
equipment, and facilities.

We work with clients
in North America,
Europe and Asia

Meet Our Team

Sergey Purtsezov

Sergey serves as President and Chief Science Officer. Sergey earned his Master of Engineering from Nizhny Novgorod State University in Russia, and his PhD in Physics with a concentration in Numerical Analysis from the same institution. His professional background is in biomechanics and automobile safety.

Joanne Purtsezova

Joanne serves as Vice President and Principal, and is responsible for everything from marketing, sales, and graphical user interface design for our desktop and mobile products to website design/maintenance and research analysis. She is the face and interface behind Sergey's number crunching. Joanne earned her Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning from the University of Virginia and her Master of Urban Spatial Analytics from the University of Pennsylvania. She is currently working towards a Bachelor of Software Engineering from Brigham Young University Idaho.

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